Strengthening communication skills: reading and writing, through the analysis of traditional Vallenato songs with fifth-grade students


  • Gina Katherine Britto Jiménez Colegio Francisco Palau y Quer
  • Virginia Esther Villalba Contreras Institución Educativa Bello Horizonte sede Villa Yaneth.
  • Álvaro Enrique Bovea Ramos Institución Educativa Técnico Upar, Valledupar, Cesar


Palabras clave:

communicative competence, reading, writing, popular song, ability


The strengthening of communication skills allows us to function in daily life. Therefore, the objective of this research was to strengthen reading and writing skills, through the analysis of traditional Vallenato songs, with fifth-grade students. Methodologically, the study was framed in the critical paradigm, under the qualitative approach, with the pedagogical action research method, energized in three phases: deconstruction, reconstruction, and evaluation of the reconstructed practice. 33 students made up the work unit. The instruments were: a questionnaire addressed to teachers and an observation log. The results of the diagnosis evidenced the difficulty of the students in the development of the aforementioned skills. With the implementation of the workshops, they expanded their vocabulary, expressing themselves with solid arguments and writing pertinent summaries. This allows us to conclude that traditional Vallenato songs strengthened communication skills; in addition, the students were able to interpret the message that the composer embodied in the songs.

Biografía del autor/a

Gina Katherine Britto Jiménez, Colegio Francisco Palau y Quer

Master in Pedagogy. Professor at Francisco Palau y Quer School.

Virginia Esther Villalba Contreras, Institución Educativa Bello Horizonte sede Villa Yaneth.

Master in Pedagogy. Professor at Bello Horizonte Educational Institution Villa Yaneth campus.

Álvaro Enrique Bovea Ramos, Institución Educativa Técnico Upar, Valledupar, Cesar

Master in Education. Professor of the Technical Education Upar, Valledupar, Cesar.

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Cómo citar

Britto Jiménez, G. K., Villalba Contreras, V. E., & Bovea Ramos, Álvaro E. (2023). Strengthening communication skills: reading and writing, through the analysis of traditional Vallenato songs with fifth-grade students. Revista UNIMAR, 41(1), 64–81.


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